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home. body.

considered tools, classes and insights for personal + spiritual development. home.body classes + courses include literature, lecture, journaling prompts, yoga, meditation, breathwork + essential oils curated through my own experience, intuition + practiced wisdom. these practices ( are intended to help you become more awake, authentic + clear in your own life so you can experience stronger direction + and fulfillment.


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Mary Grace is a spectacular instructor who offers a striking combination of challenge and acceptance that gently brings a best effort out of students.
Mary grace has a generative capacity for invention, play, mystery, carving something bright and articulate out of the dark voids.
She has an amazing communicative ability to organize and facilitate dialogue. Her incredible intuitive sense helps dissect exactly what is happening in a situation and how to best approach and resolve it - utilizing imagination and creativity to overcome an obstacle.
She is very quick to understand the importance and relevance of what others are trying to convey, and she responds accordingly which makes for an engaging and helpful experience. She has a deep understanding of the body and a keen ability to effectively teach others. Her positivity, enthusiasm and wit encourage others as they aim to reach their personal goals.


About Me

MY NAME IS Mary Grace

Sun/ Libra
Moon/ Taurus
Rising/ Pisces

I have always been a mover. I love bodies and the mechanics of how they work, communicate, heal. I am committed to helping others experience + embrace their body as a teacher, body as a vehicle for strength, alignment + joy, body as wisdom that helps us learn. I use these practices as a way to facilitate spaces in which others can find softness, forgiveness + strength around their own bodies + experiences.

I own a studio in Atlanta, GA where I teach Pilates, yoga, meditation + breath work. I also have a background as a dance artist and a writer, which inevitably informs my perception, processes and facilitating. 

My deepest desire is for students to connect with their own inner authority, personal alignment and feel integrated + encouraged.